Life After Baby!

Oh hey!  So we are now parents to the beautiful Sophie Grace and we couldn’t be happier!  Life is wonderful and we are started to adjust to less sleep because baby snuggles and smiles make all the craziness of parenting completely worth it!

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve been cleared to workout post c-section, so we have been walking everyday!  I didn’t know how my body would be after giving birth.  I expected to jump right back into working out like I used to.  However, my body changes A LOT.  Things got shifted around and stretched out.  I gained weight in weird places.  I lost muscle tone. So, we are starting off slow and building my endurance back up.

Also, I didn’t think walking would be a workout but pushing a stroller while walking fast, phew!  It totally is super hard!  While I can’t even imagine running a race right now, it’s a goal that I’ve set for myself for the spring.   I need time to get used to my new body and to get back into shape.

Currently, I’ve been focusing on getting 5,000 steps/day, walking at least 4x a week and eating moderately clean.  I’m breastfeeding and want to make sure that I keep my supply up while introducing exercise.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be increasing my step goal gradually and introducing other low impact workouts like Zumba and the elliptical while transitioning my eating back to Paleo/Whole 30!


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