I’m Back!

So I’ve been gone for a couple months because we found out some exciting news last January… #BabyCollins will be arriving this September!

Pregnancy has been a roller coaster and keeping myself healthy has been priority number one, so I had to take some time off from the blog and posting on Instagram.

Really, it was for the better because I pretty much ate nothing but prenatal vitamins, applesauce, pretzels and Popsicles for the first thirteen(ish) weeks thanks to Morning Sickness.  Sticking to Paleo or gluten free was 100% not on my radar.  I was more worried about getting enough food down along with the prenatals to provide some sort of nutrition for the baby.

I totally underestimated morning sickness before getting pregnant, but believe me it’s pretty terrible.  It completely zapped ALL of my energy.  I slept about 13 hours a day, and still didn’t have energy.  I can’t even imagine what the momma’s out there who have the more serious version of morning sickness or who experience it for longer than the first trimester go through.

I tried to keep up with working out, but my body and #BabyCollins had other plans.  I kept doing Crossfit throughout the first 8ish weeks, but then recieved a fun weight restriction from my doctor.  I couldn’t lift more than 15 pounds for the remainder of the pregnancy, so I decided to put my membership on hold until her arrival.  Lifting heavy is one of the main reasons I love Crossfit, so I didn’t want to do anything to hurt myself or the baby.

I ended up running, err jog/walking, the Shamrock Shuffle 8K in April at 17 weeks. At that time, I could still comfortably walk a few miles at a time.  It was by far my slowest shuffle time in history, but I powered through and finished.  And then promptly devoured a burger and napped for the rest of the day to recover.  That was the definition of a #PreggoProblem right there.

Posting this picture now is kind of funny, because I thought my bump was HUGE!  It’s so cute and tiny in retrospect.  I miss fitting into my pre-preggo workout gear!  

Here’s me at 20 Weeks before my cousin’s bridal shower.  I got the adorable dress in my StitchFix box and am happy to report that it still fits!

21 Weeks before working an event for Path of Life!  

22 Weeks!  That dress has officially been retired for now!

Cravings: Gummy bears and sour patch kids.

23 Weeks!  I was officially feeling great at this point!  My appetite was back and by back I mean reallllllly back.  I was hungry pretty much 24/7.  I kept a box of cereal on my night stand because I would wake up and need a snack!

Cravings: Cereal, pineapple and pickles!

Aversions: The sight of raw meat.  Ick.

24 Weeks!  Workouts definitely got shorter because my lung capacity shrunk as the baby kept growing.  Laps up and down the block were the norm each night.

25 Weeks in my Mom Life shirt!  This is when the bump really started to grow!

Cravings: All things spicy – giardinera, buffalo wings, jalapeƱo Cheetos.  Yup.

Aversions: The smell of the water in a toilet.  Even a clean toilet.  Pregnancy is SO weird.

26 Weeks!  Even though I look tired in this picture, I had a boost in energy.  We worked on the baby’s room and getting her stocked with clothes and diapers and all that fun stuff around this time.

Cravings: Nachos.  Well, I crave nachos even while not pregnant, but I REALLY love them even more now.

27 Weeks and we were in Holland, MI for my cousin’s wedding.  We took pictures in front of the windmill and a family clog selfie at the gift shop.  We also bought windmill cookies at the gift shop that were AMAZING.

This is us at the reception.  They had the wedding at an apple orchard – too cute!  This truck was the dessert station and let’s just say I frequented it during the evening.  

Mickey rocking the Dad Life shirt for our 28 Week bump selfie.  This week started the really fun random aches.  Back pain, a little sciatica, ligament pain in my growing belly – all worth it for #BabyCollins. 

Cravings: Unsweetened tea and bread.  Carbs have been my friend since they help me keep my energy up and hunger in check.

Week 29 – picture before the dreaded glucose test.  This stuff didn’t taste as bad as everyone built it up to be.  It was like thick Gatorade with a whole bunch of extra sugar.

You have to chug this cute little bottle in 5 minutes, then wait an hour to get your blood drawn.  I passed!

Week 30 – we had our little neighbor’s Blackhawks themed birthday party.  I was so relieved that my kids XL jersey stretched enough to cover the bump!

It’s officially Week 31, but I haven’t had the chance to take a picture yet!  Guess I’ll save that for another blog update this week!


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